It’s about time…I’ve been waiting for you to get here!

Before we get knee-deep into the details, let me start off by saying:

The problem with About pages is that organizations who book you to speak expect for them to be written in third person – knowing good & well I’m the person writing it.

My style is way more conversational. You’re reading this right now as you should be…like a personal note to a friend.

If you’re interested in my life as a whole, you’ll find out quite a bit by scrolling through twitter. I abandoned Instagram when it started feeling like a daily obligation. I just couldn’t get on the business-building bandwagon aspect of it. Plus, folks would never hire a strategist that gets less than 1,000 likes on every post.

In today’s society – you’re “non-influential” unless you have a minimum of 10k followers and a blue check next to your name.

My story goes like this:

If success is built on failures, I have a strong foundation to stand on.

My entrepreneurial aspirations began as a teenager. With no role model to look up to, those dreams were replaced by dead-end jobs. I had 15 by the age of 22.

Here’s my attempt to establish professional credibility with you:

Since around 2005, I’ve developed customized growth strategies for small business owners and freelancers. My challenge to them: think more and spend less when it comes to marketing and customer retention.

Build mutually beneficial relationships – online and offline – that yield long-term results.

I share the lessons I learned along the way with national trade organizations, women’s groups, financial institutions, and service providers.

As a contributing writer to ForbesWomen, I covered topics that resonated with solo business owners. My consulting services have been utilized by content creators, realtors, and podcast hosts to provide strategic planning and execution on sales, brand messaging, and establishing the right online presence.

The 9-5 operations management, human resources, public sector, and retail leadership roles I’ve worked in have been instrumental in helping individuals gain clarity and narrow their focus in order to reach their specific outcomes.

Honing in on a niche isn’t the only option. My diverse background is proof.

This is the part where I’m supposed to tell you about my humble beginnings. How I turned a business-on-the-brink into a multi-million dollar powerhouse. And then you’d Google me and find out the truth.

In 2008, I started blogging on the platform owned by the largest search engine in the world. Experts (then and now) shame you for using it because as they put it, “you’ll never be taken seriously as a blogger if you use a free service like that one.”

Little did they know, a domain name and custom site design were the only investments I needed to make. When you remove all of the distracting bells and whistles, you’re left with what truly matters – compelling storytelling and good writing.

I taught myself how to pitch to the media and landed tv interviews, bylines, and feature stories in a couple of national magazines.

As an early adopter using video marketing in the mid-2000s, my first paid campaign was filmed and directed in my living room by my then-teenage daughter.

You may have just discovered me, but I’ve been in these internet streets for a while!

Unlike the majority of online coaches, I didn’t take a course from someone who took a course from someone else to learn how to be an online marketer. My offline experiences in leadership, project management, and training have been transferred onto the ever-changing digital landscape.

I’ve always worked…while working on something else on the side.

I resurrected the YouTube channel I started in 2009 and turned it into my global co-working space. Mind Your Business! With Donna is where we connect, engage, and exchange ideas on camera.

When you get to know me better and decide you’re ready for one-on-one guidance, fill out this form to book a free strategy session.

In the meantime, please stay in touch. I’m putting together some stuff to help you start creating your own source of online revenue.

I’m also behind the scenes learning up-to-date blogging practices. New articles will be published on this site.

You now have at least two reasons to come back over here…don’t make me get up & look for you!

Apparently, these lists are a thing. So here’s mine:

● I don’t like for my food to touch.
● Monday is my favorite day of the week.
● Landed a radio co-host gig with zero experience in broadcasting.
● I aspire to one day become the human mom to a cute little miniature goat.
● You’re likely to bump into me at a clearance rack or smoke-free pool hall.
● Are you always this nosey? What else could you possibly wanna know!?

Where you can find me online:

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My #1 platform and favorite place to have conversations & build relationships.

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Where I use my iPhone to capture personal stories and document the lessons I’m learning.

Need a speaker or solutions to your business problems? Put me to work.

I live by three simple principles:


– get up and do something


– when you do it, embrace your genuine self


– don’t make excuses as to why you can’t do it…whatever IT is

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